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(2007)A Tribute to John Inman(Being profiled)
(2006)Another Audience with Shirley Bassey (Audience member)
(2005)Sex in the 70's -The King of Soho
(2005)The Funny Blokes of British Comedy

(2004)I'm Free! Inside the Comedy Closet


(2004)"Revolver"(The Antiques Dealer) (Review)
©BBC Scotland

©BBC Scotland

(Nicholas Smith is behind him!)

(2004)"Hell's Kitchen" Ep 1.12
(2004)"Britain's Best Sitcom"
(2004)"Doctors"- Intolerance (Teddy)
(2003)"Loose Lips" August 15th episode (Voice)
(2003)"Comedy Connections"- Are You Being Served?
(2002)"Top Ten" - Camp Icons
(2002)"Heroes of Comedy" - Dick Emery
(2002)"Heroes of Comedy" - Sidney James
(2001)Wendy Richard: A Life on the Box
(2001)I Love Christmas (archive footage)
(2001)The 100 Greatest TV Characters
(2001)Boom Boom! The Best of the Original Basil Brush Show
(2000)BBC Hall of Fame: Barbara Windsor
(2000)"Full Mountie" (Tailor)
(2000) The Mumbo Jumbo (Father Chinwag)
(2000)"Heroes of Comedy" - Kenneth Willaims

(1999)"French and Saunders- The Phantom Millennium


(1999)"Funny Turns"- John Inman


(1999)Call My Bluff-Pantomime Special
(1999)Funny Women-Mollie Sugden
(1999)This Morning June 24th episode
(1999)What a Performance!-Drag

(1999)"It's Only TV... But I Like It" Ep 1.5

(With Julian Clary)

Goggles on...

Hilarious guessing game for them!

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(1999)"Laughter in the House: The Story of British Sitcom"
(1998)This Is Your Life-Rick Wakeman
(1998)This Is Your Life-Trevor bannister
(1998)In the House with Cleopatra and Friends
(1998)"Wipeout" - Celebrity Special 3

(1998)Shakespeare in Love (Character player)

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(1998)"This Is Your Life"
---- Rick Wakeman
---- Trevor Bannister

(1997)Has Anyone Seen My Pussy?


(1997)"Light Lunch" - How Are We Supposed to Live Without You?
(1997)"Auntie's TV Favourites" Ep 1.6
(1997)Funny Business March 28th episode
(1997)Celebrity Squares Jan 1st episode

(1997)What a Performance!-Camp

©Carlton Television

(1997)Funny Business
---(Jun 26, 1997)Series 2 Show #42
---(Apr 3, 1997)Series 2 Show #31
---(Mar 27, 1997)Series 2 Show #30
(1996)Noel's House Party Ep 6.3
(1996)Fantasy Football League: Melvyn Bragg, Alan Davies, John Inman
(Dec 28, 1995)"Telly Addicts" - Christmas Special w/Wendy Richard, Frank Thornton and Nicholas Smith)
(1995)Schofield's Quest (Presenter)
(1995)An Audience with Shirley Bassey (Audience Member)
(1995)Call Up the Stars (Frank Randle)
(1995)This Is Your Life-David Croft
(1995)Celebrity Squares August 4th episode
(1994)John Inman in America
(1994)An Audience with Jimmy Tarbuck
(1994)"Celebrity Squares" July 30th episode
(1993)"Telly Addicts" Ep 9.5
(1992)"Surprise Surprise!" Ep 9.4
(1991)Gulf Aid
(1990)Die 2 Special


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(1989)The Tall Guy (Cameo appearance)

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(1989)"Family Fortunes" - Celebrity Christmas Special (Fanny the Ugly Sister)
(1988)This Morning (Talk Show)
(1988)Comic Relief
(1986)Whose Baby? June 25th episode
(1983)"Rod and Emu's Saturday Special" Ep 1.4
(1981)Looks Familiar Apr 7th episode

(1981) "Take a Letter Mr. Jones" (Graham Jones)

(Episode guide) Southern (SUNG ALTERNATELY BY MR. JONES AND MS WARNER) "Take a letter, Mr. Jones Ignore the telephone."

"You're a model secretary, You don't leave me in a mess."

"I get my satisfaction In sharing your success."

"Take a letter, Mr. Jones Feeling better, Mr. Jones?"

"You have my appreciation, You always save my life."

"I'm the perfect combination Of a computer and a wife."

"You're a wonder, ( No! ) You're a marvel, ( Well.. )

You're a treasure ( Perhaps ) End of letter, Mr. Jones ( How kind. )"

regular cast: John Inman as Graham Jones Rula Lenska as Ms Joan Warner Gina Maher as Brenda Joan Blackham as Ruth Christine Ozanne as Daisy Claudine Bowyer as Lucy Miriam Margolyes as Maria

___ 001. The Interview Allen Mitchell as Mr. Lewis Bruce Barry as Rod Newton

Ms Warner calls on Graham to help her out when a newspaper reporter arrives to interview her a female executive, but the story ends up dealing with the man behind the woman.

___ 002. The Protector >Allen Mitchell as Mr. Lewis Graham goes along on a dinner date Ms Warner has to make with an overly friendly Australian buyer.

___ 003. The Holiday >Allen Mitchell as Mr. Lewis >James Smilie as Doctor Norton Graham's holiday is threatened when Ms Warner falls ill and needs his help in preparing an important report.

___ 004. The Japanese Contract >Kristopher Kum as Mr. Kimara >Leon Lissek as Roberto An important Japanese contract depends on Graham's ability to keep Ms Warner informed about two visiting businessmen.

___ 005. The Trade Fair >Allen Mitchell as Mr. Lewis >Corinna Marlowe as airline girl

Graham struggles to help Ms Warner organize a last-minute trip to Italy for herself, Lucy and Maria.

___ 006. Business Before Pleasure >Ed Bishop as Joe Bradley Ms Warner shines in a client's eyes after she produces tickets to a sold-out ballet performance, but the tickets are actually Graham's treat for his cleaning lady.

(Episode list originally transcribed in 1997 by Donna R. Lemaster). Used with permission from John at epguides.



(1980) The 22nd Annual TV Week Logie Awards (Guest)

(1977-1983)The Good Old Days (Performer)


Video ©BBC (Used with permission from Dennis Jennings).

(1977) "Odd Man Out" (Neville Sutcliffe)
All 3 images ©Thames Television

(1978)The Basil Brush Show Dec 2nd episode

(1977)The John Inman Show

(1976)The David Nixon Show Ep 5.5 (Guest)
(1976)The Basil Brush Show Oct 30th episode

(1976)"This Is Your Life- John Inman

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(1976)Celebrity Squares Jan 24th episode

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(1975-1978)Seaside Special

1975 Ep 1.6

June 19, 1976 (The Ken Dodd Centenary Show)
Location: Gerry Cottles Circus in Blackpool
Guests - Wendy Richard, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, John Inman

June 25, 1977 Ep 3.3
Location: Great Yarmouth
Third heat of Miss Seaside Special 1977 Natural Beauty Contest
Guest: John Inman

September 9, 1978 Ep 4.10
Location: Weymouth
Guest: John Inman

(1975)This Is Your Life-Mollie Sugden

(1970)"Two in Clover" Ep 2.6 (Bowler)
Both images ©Thames Television

(1965)A Slight Case of..-The Enemy Within

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