John Inman Fan Club

John Inman's Fan Club ran from 1977-2006 and served both the UK and the USA. The many fans over the years that were members of this club were treated to many tidbits of info as well as neat artwork and letters from John during the Christmas holidays. After all these years, he is still missed by fans all over the world. Here's a little insight into his humor and art skills.

Some Christmas related artwork:

Tote Bag provided to some JIFC members

JIFC Membership Button

My Membership card from "The John Inman Fan Club" (1990's).

John Inman

Most new members including me in the 1990's received this auto with membership.

Old 1970's JIFC Membership card

Old 1970's JIFC Button

Most new members in the 1970's received this auto with membership card.


If any of you out there was a member of the JIFC I would love to hear from you!!

(Newsletter images used with permission from Carole-JIFC's creator for the US and the UK). The rest of the images are from my collection.

The newsletters would not have been possible if it wasn't for lots of help from John who was always very supportive of the newsletter since he always thought about his fans.